10 Subtle Signals That You May Have Accepted The Wrong Job | Job Acceptance

10 Subtle Signals That You May Have Accepted The Wrong Job | Job Acceptance

Below are 10 reasons that shows you have just probably accepted the wrong job. The Job Acceptance criteria

  1. You learn that your company doesn’t give any loans at less than 2,400% interest.
  2. The company asks you to write off a fortune in bad debts when they have no records of the debt, or of the income from the transaction.
  3. You tell the President you have discovered $100,000 in embezzlement, and he stares at you patiently, waiting for you to get to the point.
  4. You have to spend 95% of your time giving the senior management advice that will keep them out of jail – and they’re only taking about half of the advice.
  5. The balance sheet shows that the company is insolvent, with no equity and a gigantic loan payable to the president.
  6. Cash drawers never balance at the end of the day, and management thinks that the employees just have trouble adding numbers and giving the correct change. Find Accounting Jobs here
  7. The tax returns are made up of numbers that were in turn made up.
  8. They’d love to license their operations, but getting it would require them to divulge how they had done business in the past, and you can’t plead the Fifth Amendment on a license application.
  9. They believe that lawyers are a waste of money unless you’ve already been indicted.
  10. Senior management calls you “Consigliore.”

I hope you have found this Job Acceptance criterion useful to consider before you start up with a new Job appointment. Have a few questions? Feel free to drop your comments below to get a prompt reply.

Dennis Geselowitz, presently a CFO, got an MBA from USC, took one year of law school during his MBA program, passed the bar exam on his first try with just that one year of law school, and not surprisingly obtained his JD from USC.   Write him with further questions

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